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Frequently Asked Questions

& Forms

  • What age groups does the agency service?
    Our agency services clients ages 7 years and up.
  • Do we offer sliding scale payments to pro bono clients?
    Yes, FCCC will work extremely hard to accommodate everyone whom are in need of mental health services.
  • If I currently receive medication management from my PCP or other healthcare provider, do I have to change providers in order to recieve therapeutic services?"
    No, FCCC offers medication management to all of their clients whom are in need of the services. It is your freedom of choice as to who provide those services.
  • Where will my appointments be held?
    FCCC offers non-traditional services. Appointments can be held in office as well as at the client's home.


Bridging the Gap
Offender Alternatives
Employment Opportunities

Forms can be mailed/emailed, faxed, or brought to the main office once completed.

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