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Offender Alternatives

What is Offender Alternatives?

Incarceration is expensive, costing the public an average $70 per day, per inmate. In addition to over crowded jails, Judges are faced with few options for effective sentencing.

Offender Alternatives is a set of programs designed to offer effective sentencing options to Judges of Municipal Justice, County and Circuit Courts for misdemeanor and non-violent felony offenses. To alleviate the trend of criminal behavior and enhance public safety, professionals at FCCC have developed alternatives designed to rehabilitate  offenders while assessing the underlying cause of criminality.

Anger Management

An eight step program designed specifically for offenders who may have a propensity towards violence, argumentative or oppositional clients and those who have trouble appropriately expressing anger.

Something for Nothing

 This program is designed to educate shoplifting offenders on the consequences of their actions and gives them an opportunity to voluntarily repair the damages they've caused to both the  victims and the community, while protecting their dignity and ability to be productive citizens. 

Alcohol & Drug

This is a six week program that is designed to focus on substance abuse with an emphasis on opioid abuse. Clients may be court ordered or voluntarily placed in this counseling program.

Domestic Violence

A twenty-four step program used for offenders of domestic violence that focuses on faulty beliefs, attitudes and behaviors leading to violence in relationships. This program is usually a duration of 16-18 weeks.

Moral Reconation 

MRT is a sixteen step program that increases moral reasoning in offenders, instills character development, increases life purpose and self esteem, decreases sensation seeking, decreases failures on community corrections, decreases re-arrests and re-incarcerations, resulting in a more productive member of society. 

Responsible Living
Personal Development

An eight step program designed specifically for the offenses of shoplifting, petit larceny, embezzlement, and bad check writing. Guides clients through budgeting and planning for daily living. Also useful for offenders that are delinquent in court fine payments.

Who is Eligible For The Program?

All offenders (youth and adults) charged and/or convicted of nonviolent crimes with no prior violent history are eligible for our programs. Clients are eligible to enter our counseling programs voluntarily.

Who Pays For The Program

All programs provided to the offender are paid for by the offender. There is no cost to the court or public. Programs are affordable and reasonable.

What Are The Benefits To The Offender

Alternative sentencing allows the offender to face repercussions without limiting their freedom. This allows for the offender to remain employed, pay taxes, provide for their family, and serve the sentence of the court. Counseling programs also changes attitudes and beliefs of criminal behavior, encouraging the offender to re-enter society as a more productive and responsible citizen.

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