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Workshops & Consultations


FCCC offers a number of training workshops at regularly scheduled times throughout the year upon request. Below are some of the workshops offered by our agency. Our trainings range from 1-6 hours of instruction depending on the topic. Please contact us to arrange a workshop for your organization.


  • Bullying

  • Anger Management

  • Enhancing Clinical Skill with Ethnically and Racially Diverse Clients

  • Understanding Major Mental Illness

  • Understanding Personality Disorders

  • Teens and Anxiety, Depression, and Suicide 

  • Living a Connected Life: Mental, Physical and Social Well-Being

Continuing Education Units

CEUs are now available. Contact us today at 601.653.0936


We also provide direct and indirect, personal advice to individuals, groups, and  agencies in a particular area (Mental Health Base) to enhance personal development skills. FCCC will serve as a liaison between children, families, and schools while providing a wide range of services, depending on the needs and expectations of each individual school district. School base Mental Health Professionals are available if needed. Contact us for more details. 

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